Thursday, November 10, 2016


to Toledo—a friendless place
   and in America—
the fool feels an unequaled rage

an unfamiliar familiar
upends the Race

gruff grasping at trump suits
 the phantasm of plastic enoema
the egress—

of walking tides
 into human lands
 even smaller human hands
 cannot stem the flood

of overflow
 the grass gasket
 the old jim crow
 the amiable elephant frisking a pea
the spacewalk anti-echo
 the trillions of debt forgiven just like that—

don't blowit

keep the lights on MR AMERIKA
 Hey Herr Fuhrer take care up there
please believe the Times MR President don't panic
 it would be too fast and easy

how hard is unmake believe?
too hard

I would leave it all alone
 except it doesn't
 leave —me

the coalition of Women
 will remove Him

a classic adventure in eventuality
don't knock it
 the knowing from such events is 

cradled in our hands
 like an aether
don't you spill

**a single**