Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the great mind spasm

(to be set to music) 0. youse asked me to show youse where i had come from.. swen i answered in alphabettagammi two shoes. fart ensemble my arse.. premises evacuating inside virginia

eyes dilating... premises alighting on fire trees.. beautiful slaves running in and out of villages plasticine space people sucking on grogans.. listerine sphynxes parting waters .. oval weavils making snatches of conversation with bellybuttons..

 ...the message infects brains around the ring systems 9..kinds of cheeses in my pocket.. fill up with cuppa soup.  bring home the children.. practice spacewalking at home to unveil possible wormholes

1.it has all been said already, written down in ancient texts, which no-one can be bothered to read. that is why it may be said again and seem new. but there is nothing ever truly new

2.there is a whole lot that can't be said too, of course, waiting to be said. or just that words don't make the right shapes to fit the meaning, like poorly cut clothes. so sometimes it is best to say nothing.

3.fast forward and life is like a thought occurring in the brain of the great being whom we inhabit - who is even so just the same being as ourselves, watching countless lives blossom and close before their very eyes every second

4. a blink contains a thousand universes, it is possible to argue against this, but impossible to ever truly conclude with a truth that stands alone.

4. that which is self evident is the most miniscule of specs - the dot on the 'i' - at the same time there is no need to change our elaborate understandings just because another elaboration comes along

5.even if the force of an argument can close a debate for a couple of centuries, yet it will resurface as the old sages die and new combatants rise to challenge the existing doctrines

6.through this process, no truth is established forever, nor any established truth ever completely disproved.

7.the ultimate creator of truth is yourself- there is no other who can decide for you what is true

8. your truths are your shields and knives with which you battle the world and survive or die. their suitability is shewn by their applicability in this fight. but tomorrow is another fight.

festive embalming party sees eating of disgourged brain soup and military pie.. isis stands back only to see horus feast on the emblematic token priest. father of god, Aeneas besplattered with the blood of accidental aenemas

..twice into the water fell the stone, counting the reflection as a separation. as the back wall of the cave contains the whole world projected by the mindfather.

and when the good will out, there will only left be cravings and barking of dogs at twilight, while the homely ones stay safely inside.  go out after dark and you will see the things lurking in shaddows cast by the corner of your eye. this is where reality meats the dream, hits the backwall.

trees grown thus perfecting the truth of the tree. there is only one truth of the tree but it exists in countless forms. the tree in the mind is that same tree - there is and has only ever been the one lonely tree - existing horizontally and longitudinally through all time and space wherever it can be conceived - a thousand trillion images in a broken mirror seen by countless eyeballs

9.abbot what are you about? australian dunce winning the race, trounson the princess. water her down with veni vidi vindictive from your wet wet sweat behind the ears boyish charmless guile

10.we create the truth ourselves but it is never truth, just a pretty fallacy, to keep us busy