Thursday, May 16, 2013


past passive pent dangle below steroid belt shaft fusewire snap spink

full expanse of long low voice open excommunication

the diary page dirtily unfolds an old ash trail

fallen microbially into the crease crack

that old life - heavens forbid! - go

knome leave the past alone

the brightest daggers fall

in the future's shattered

rainbow o'clock fast fist

cuckoo blow below ovoid


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Tea Shop Has Closed

everywhere around the placemat
a great scourge is unfolding
the tea shops are all closing
this is unquestionably a postmalthusian snafu

where has the tea lady gone?
in the march of our great success and profit
was the tea lady left behind?
she has been eaten by the great unquenchable appetite

everywhere there is a running scrambling
upward scrambling teaspoon piping hot
up the slippery greasy heaving teapot
of our great inviolable economy

that old shrewd mannequin, Wisdom
a crumbling bisqui in its hand
absentmindedly sipping tea
nodding, thinking unfashionable nothings