Saturday, August 25, 2012


life has a knife
in her pleasant hand

once you see it flash
you cannot forget it
so easily

there is a treatment
for the pain
of seeing

but the medicine
taken over and over
becomes the poison

as one
we at last succumb
under a fatal dose

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

brother blab

oil poor stupid peloponnesian
mind shaping fanatics
speaking of fantastics and unshaping truths
like cotton candy is a styrofoam solenoid
ask for a toothpick ashanti shanti
get a wogan forearm spearing!

so gobbledygook down
a squashed frog
like a goodboy doughboy plauboy

a minor prayer, play ball
"it is bad for them to do what it is bad for them to do
so we must stop them from doing it
although they think it is good for them to do it
we know that it is bad for them to do it
so we must stop it
with force if necessary"

take your plasma tv
i raise you an army
watch them on your plasma tv
see them smash your plasma tv
this is the interface
between truth and reality


emery bored again?
my yawn
spans eternity

I stand in the glass square
a museum piece
my heart a zircon
cut from the centre of the earth's liver

cup a shell to your ear
what do you hear?

that is the sound
of my birth
echoing down the ages

from a foolish far frog hollow
when I emerged
my cry was witness
to the very first star