Tuesday, December 11, 2012

new collection on amazon - a garbage truck tilted over on the sewer side

A new collection covering most of the last five years, and with the unnecessary title "a garbage truck tilted over on the sewer side" is now available not here but here at amazon. it has typos misspells bad grammas & etc all included as gratis.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

thoughts from the mind spool

3rd attempt

if we want to be free
then see:
the jailer is "free"

if we want out
then out is inside
partytime in my mind


i am rubbing my head against
the wall
in my heart

trying to get in

i have unlocked the world
seeking the key

the key which is locked inside my heart

Punch on the nose

I get moving
like a hammerhead shark
on the floor of the ocean

down here
nervous system rules supreme
to feel is to respond -
is this the ultimate freedom?

come inside my silver suit
hold the real me
around the waistline
but be cautious in case
the packaging splits

with eloquent fabrications
we keep the truth inside