Monday, August 17, 2009

for adrienne


do you hear that sound? a very distant bell
an alarm in another room - muffled human beings' lovemaking

there will come a day soon when we will eat these words
and bludgeoned be subdued by the natural gag in us

the waves from two revolutions are to collide in the middle of the ocean
and no-one will know for battered fish do not float

a soldier lifts himself onto the field of your passion
the words you crafted are bloody and naked like the soldier's body

you have absorbed me, my thought, the shadow which falls
in my hand and becomes altered - these are your fingers

fifteen thousand days since you wrote your ghazals to ghalib
the riches of which i heard rumour through all this time are here

go under and go under! and do not speak again (your death)
41 years from today we will awaken and rise up, if we have life

through the streets the canaries are selling newspapers
i hear their song and know that i am breathing

Monday, July 6, 2009

the pact

we will all bleed to death
that is our shared history
i will get my teeth smashed out
that girl will be unborn
i have got to know you now
and this is how we will overcome

i will lead you to that tree over there
the one with the splash of autumn colour
the leaves are just turning
still mostly green but some yellow
the grass underneath is dry
and scattered with broken thorns

you mouth will be thin like a blade
and the cries will not carry far on the wind
then you will turn me over to the other side
and slash the body before it is burnt
the old truck that is full of fuel oil
you will drive into the city at dawn

Sunday, March 29, 2009

the struggle must end

the struggle had its benefits
but the struggle must end
at least against each other
we struggle now against time

nature doesn't select
against one or other of us
nature selects against all of us
unless we become something different

the struggle must end
we have all won, the game is over
a new game has begun
the struggle must end

capitalism cannot deal with climate change. we are like a mob of bacterium in a jar dying of our own poisonous excrement. the only path to survival is for or our individual freedoms to be curtailed in the interest of the species. such a decision will never be made by individuals or governments as it puts them at a competitive disadvantage. so the competition must end and we must act intelligently as a single organism. its an old and ever more urgent argument.