Friday, January 30, 2015

charlie hebdo

how funny
that you have shot your friends

Charlie Hebdo
are the best kind of friend
they are the friend that never
comforts our conceit
but corrects it
with a joke
and a kick in the teeth

shooting at
the fool's fool
you are shooting an image of yourself
the reflection on the surface of the pool
just comes back

it is you who wears the dunce's cap
unmasked with a laugh

not everyone thinks the same way
i could be wrong
be my fool - make my day

the true idiots are the ones
whom satire cannot touch -
only they are truly free

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

an argument

a little spot of wine
and a little spot of black
some sweet apple tea
and a big big fight with wifey

i feel almost human again

supposed to go like this?

bush air breathes in
the night window

suburban bliss
is a long way off -
aah, tantarella

song of songs
the lullaby
of the wild extremes -

take this human
make your moves

nothing glides
without a void
to avoid

so the cursed
heart plateaus
and again
on purest pain

the clipper

the clipper moves faster than the wind herself
nothing pauses her glide except -

elven lanterns
woo hoo

wuhu  -yes-
"weedy lake"
did you expect something else?
was this not the sort of poem you came to see?