Friday, December 30, 2016

A nice warm cup of tea

just a nice warm cup of tea
could you make it for me?
i'm asking nicely

a nice warm cup of tea
and a biscuit
it's not like i ask for it very regularly
just a cup of tea
would go down nicely

i'm not feeling very sexy
but if it came from you
a cup of tea
would do it for me
it's not like i'm asking for it constantly

a nice warm cup of tea
won't you hear my plea?
would you brew it for me
just occasionally

a nice warm cup of tea
and not too sugary
if i asked politely..
a cup of tea..?

Saturday, December 10, 2016

one thing to say (song)

It's one thing to say
another thing to do

you say you love me
well i love me too

You say you're sorry
well I'm sorry too

and one of us is missing
but we don't know who


It's one thing to say
another thing to know

the voices ring out
like the stones we throw

the path that we're leading
is the smoke that we show

is the path of the dove
or the path of the crow


one thing to say
a truth to a power

and those in the ivory tower
hate those in the golden tower

The man in the golden tower
hates those of the ivory tower

and he likes a golden toilet
probably likes a golden shower


It's on thing to say
another thing to do

i got it all worked out
gonna sing it to you

The only piece that doesn't make sense
is one blue shoe

and the thing that you left
in the portable loo


it's one thing to say
another thing to cry


He says he'll take good care
of your things while you're away

leave it with him
while you go out and play

Well my advice is to not believe
one word that he'll say

Cause he will sell everything
on the very first day


She said I'm leaving
I said well I'm coming too

She said I'm leaving
He said well I'm coming too

Cause my life
is without nothing without you

Cause my life
is without nothing without you

you drove the tanker
to the city at dawn

i'll wait by the tree
for the smoke or the horn

my body is bare
and my clothing is torn

and burned and bloody
from the rose and the thorn

one thing to say
anther to understand

Cause i may be young
but not too young to understand

Before you cross the road daddy
take my little hand

that life is what happens
when you're in a big rock band


All of your wishes
are blowing around

O all of your wishes
moaning and dying

I'd sooner vote for him
than be lying here crying

and into all our ointments
this fly is aflying


She said I
I love you

He said I think we're going
to have to see this whole thing through


an earlier version i recorded:

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

f**k you donald drumpf (song)

fuck you donald drumpf
fuck you donald drumpf
you're the joker card not the trump
you're the vandal broke the handle off the pump

you took a dump on the presidency
 and made the whole world really scary

fuck you FBI, man
fuck you CNN
fuck you Cable TV
fuck you fake book

nobody likes a hater so better to hire a hater
to do your hating for ya

fuck you Pauline Hanson
fuck you Julian Assange
fuck you Brietbart troll network
fuck you neo nazis

if I put a gun to your head and said
"I'll shoot you if you vote for you"
What would you do?

fuck you Hillary Clinton
fuck you for not winning
fuck you Jill Stein
fuck you broken hacked election system

there's a short circuit in democracy
taking us back to the 4th Century BC

that's the direction we're going anyway

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

one hundred years

its been a while, its been a hundred years
since the desert drank our tears

a hundred years and yet still here today
in the graveyard where our children play


they came to us enrobed in steel
to prevent their hearts from what the may feel

and raised their guns and so released the seal
of the command and made it real

and they led us then out along the trail
from which our souls would sail


alone we stand with no body near
we protect ourselves with our tears

but the voiceless song is always calling, always calling in their ear
of our demand, loud and clear

and the words they know, as the the ones they must not say
they will be heard aloud some day


so the voiceless land it is the same
and like their shame, it will remain

and the burden of silence that we bear
it's always there, it always will be there

but the desert sands they whisper our song
on and on, they sing our song


but its not over no
in Armenia they know

in Armenia

Thursday, November 10, 2016


the superb parka case
 in the carpark an unfolding diorama
 this indictment explains it all

 sometimes we all must halt
only to go back and collect the pieces

No Man, Woman or Child must be Left

brain unfolding bliss. The incumbent
 as fabled
brings a raquet
and unloads his
 gun out on the
  quart of blood

the unwilling system - superbly bereft of 
  would go over it all

you can't break a lantern
only the darkness will destroy it

the cruel glass slipt
shattering onto stones

we have all been there
that darkest hour
"right before the dawn" (Dylan)

a thousand fragments
and passed from hand to hand
passing into ha—God!


to Toledo—a friendless place
   and in America—
the fool feels an unequaled rage

an unfamiliar familiar
upends the Race

gruff grasping at trump suits
 the phantasm of plastic enoema
the egress—

of walking tides
 into human lands
 even smaller human hands
 cannot stem the flood

of overflow
 the grass gasket
 the old jim crow
 the amiable elephant frisking a pea
the spacewalk anti-echo
 the trillions of debt forgiven just like that—

don't blowit

keep the lights on MR AMERIKA
 Hey Herr Fuhrer take care up there
please believe the Times MR President don't panic
 it would be too fast and easy

how hard is unmake believe?
too hard

I would leave it all alone
 except it doesn't
 leave —me

the coalition of Women
 will remove Him

a classic adventure in eventuality
don't knock it
 the knowing from such events is 

cradled in our hands
 like an aether
don't you spill

**a single**


Monday, October 10, 2016

the mystery f motion

piled high
the ballot
of faces
like melting marbles
left forlorn
by the oval cut soul

into the wound
it gets in
the grease
of sepsis
and it spreads
its spiderweb
 mildewed marrow

the cunning of a lie
is strong
our weak flesh
folds like a petal
before the unearthly chutzpah
of the sun king

but his early gains
seized in fever
are very slowly unwound
like drawing
a corkscrew thorn
from a wound

slowly learning
the truth
builds immunity
in a democracy

Thursday, October 6, 2016

i suppose this is my poetry day poem

the long winter of a night
fell fast

 between days

she was a puzzle of black hair
caught tween almond thighs

writing furiously
i try and solve
all her knots

but the tangled thicket
only gets worse
as i explicate inward

each new locket
of secret information
is restlessly torn apart

yet the intimacy
seems less and less
every year

until standing naked
in the mirror
it is suddenly clear

our love letters
are of a single soul
obsessed in itself

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

the old lady selling eggs
remembers that before
the shattered dystopia
there was life, and fun

the old road out of the city
and its lining of shacks
pulses of mud and dust
caress the tired immacu-lite

the big pig show
rolling down the hill
licking, killing swine
ha ha havea

they don't even clod
into the mud they don't
even knowit
wigs and all.

Saturday, September 17, 2016


a new full moon
washes the earth
with a thin mauve slip

riding out the hours
in her permeable gaze
riding out the days

the chug-a-lug
of an air condition
moistens the moist brow

loosening ice-packs
swollen with fever

her mute call
above the metropolis
urging all to bedlam

coolly shafting
the forsaken us
in ecstasy of exit

Saturday, August 27, 2016

the last quarter

the last quarter
feels soft
it fades
on one side of the face

there is a gradually increasing
the light is stretching
and slimming down

any meeting now
could be the last

how will she articulate her death
to posterity?

like the clapping waves
subsuming each other
we dissolve into our children

the work is to reduce
all meaning to an instant
of gasping foam

the memory of the ancestors
is a film of brine

riding the swell
of endless generations
in the tide

Thursday, August 4, 2016

the card trick

I wonder
  how is it?
  when tricks unfold

in the green room
   of your Manichee
please please implicate me

I imagine a faraway land
 a dead hand
      tending the pleasure garden

the Achaeans advance -
 quick leave a Linear B tablet
hidden there for me

Golden child
    of the teasing curls
    sing quickfast your song
         of growing old

the well worn blue shoe
      is a measure
        of  something -
      your tempest is famous

the poet's hand
       unfolds on the card table
      with elegant typography

and in some later eon
     they discovered a message
  ensconced in its dna

the perfumed remark
     of bad gods and good gods

your gated sanctuary
is better with no mention of me

so lets go over this once again
 from the top

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

the attic poetess

the poem entered sharply
knifing around the

then slowly
groaning like a ship
moved up through all the organs
of the body

the letting off of flairs
and degassing of magma
continued all night

until morning bright
a calculus
arrived in the skull
as a cold ball of phlegm

O muse -
this withered body
cannot make love with you
like it used to


the long gush
of appointments
bleed from my diary

i hunt to locate
one free day

and there i am
sitting alone
in a forest
on a seat
of pine needles

snow petals
perambulating down

in a camphor bowl
two gingko seeds
remind me
of extinct

i roll them back and forth
to enjoy
the soft rumbling caress
of wood on wood

three silver eyes
on a limb
their mossy feathers
tick, tick, tick

lowering the bowl
i try not
to move

it is excellent to notice
the moments
of elation

apology of sorts

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


a cat paws
slowly removing
its cape

there is a chance
they will meet again
out of doors

but only
if the cat doesn't let
the velvet lizard



the pine splits and
termites tumble fast from
the fat faultlines

i wish i could fix
the sawdust railings
with my fastigata

but hovering between
devas and devils
like an aquarian
crafty and sublime

i remain subdued
and sing instead
to an ember
in a sodden heart

later in the halflight
i am caught
re-ordering the library

only lies sustain the task
like this book, this boat i launch

a career in the services
would inure me
for the uneven ritual of the sea

taking up my things
a ballpoint pen
tumbles childishly
into the waste basket

Monday, May 23, 2016

there is only one toadlet

there is only one toadlet
and he be to i
like a spoon to a fly
a swan starts to cry

"believe me" he'd sigh
as i drowned him today
"if only i'd tried.."
then he faded away

it was such a fast splash
for a salmon to bear
so please bare with me
while i still have my hair

a fistula spake
from the queen's thalamo
"don't look so that way
there was nowhere to go"

incubus pastrami
a mirror bell plot
on the spiraling stair
where the princess'd garrote

a faked pinus tree
Pan's emblemic clop
a flag waving white
and the toadlet on top

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

survivor song

my family on the coral sea
cling to me, cling to me
warm north wind bring no pain
no cloud nor rain
beg that south wind blow
your ships to me


I come to your freedom's shore
with my children four
take these four gifts from me
my heart implores
don't let them sleep tonight
on the ocean floor

I kissed them through my blinding tears
cried seven more years
a table set in an empty room
my life is empty now too
the sun rises on the southern sky
like a burning eye I stay or die
they say to me I'm the foreign one
well that's just plain to see
that I only chose for fun
what has come to me
and I would declare
if I had a voice
we had no choice
we had no choice

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Is there a story to tell?

The fear of a void in my writing biography
slowly opening up
 every day the wound grows, it howls a little

still nothing there
nothing to fill the baby bird's vacant mouth
 no words of living flesh

perhaps this hunger growl will do
perhaps this amplification of emptiness
 suffices for a meal for today