Wednesday, November 30, 2016

f**k you donald drumpf (song)

fuck you donald drumpf
fuck you donald drumpf
you're the joker card not the trump
you're the vandal broke the handle off the pump

you took a dump on the presidency
 and made the whole world really scary

fuck you FBI, man
fuck you CNN
fuck you Cable TV
fuck you fake book

nobody likes a hater so better to hire a hater
to do your hating for ya

fuck you Pauline Hanson
fuck you Julian Assange
fuck you Brietbart troll network
fuck you neo nazis

if I put a gun to your head and said
"I'll shoot you if you vote for you"
What would you do?

fuck you Hillary Clinton
fuck you for not winning
fuck you Jill Stein
fuck you broken hacked election system

there's a short circuit in democracy
taking us back to the 4th Century BC

that's the direction we're going anyway

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

one hundred years

its been a while, its been a hundred years
since the desert drank our tears

a hundred years and yet still here today
in the graveyard where our children play


they came to us enrobed in steel
to prevent their hearts from what the may feel

and raised their guns and so released the seal
of the command and made it real

and they led us then out along the trail
from which our souls would sail


alone we stand with no body near
we protect ourselves with our tears

but the voiceless song is always calling, always calling in their ear
of our demand, loud and clear

and the words they know, as the the ones they must not say
they will be heard aloud some day


so the voiceless land it is the same
and like their shame, it will remain

and the burden of silence that we bear
it's always there, it always will be there

but the desert sands they whisper our song
on and on, they sing our song


but its not over no
in Armenia they know

in Armenia

Thursday, November 10, 2016


the superb parka case
 in the carpark an unfolding diorama
 this indictment explains it all

 sometimes we all must halt
only to go back and collect the pieces

No Man, Woman or Child must be Left

brain unfolding bliss. The incumbent
 as fabled
brings a raquet
and unloads his
 gun out on the
  quart of blood

the unwilling system - superbly bereft of 
  would go over it all

you can't break a lantern
only the darkness will destroy it

the cruel glass slipt
shattering onto stones

we have all been there
that darkest hour
"right before the dawn" (Dylan)

a thousand fragments
and passed from hand to hand
passing into ha—God!


to Toledo—a friendless place
   and in America—
the fool feels an unequaled rage

an unfamiliar familiar
upends the Race

gruff grasping at trump suits
 the phantasm of plastic enoema
the egress—

of walking tides
 into human lands
 even smaller human hands
 cannot stem the flood

of overflow
 the grass gasket
 the old jim crow
 the amiable elephant frisking a pea
the spacewalk anti-echo
 the trillions of debt forgiven just like that—

don't blowit

keep the lights on MR AMERIKA
 Hey Herr Fuhrer take care up there
please believe the Times MR President don't panic
 it would be too fast and easy

how hard is unmake believe?
too hard

I would leave it all alone
 except it doesn't
 leave —me

the coalition of Women
 will remove Him

a classic adventure in eventuality
don't knock it
 the knowing from such events is 

cradled in our hands
 like an aether
don't you spill

**a single**