Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Poem written on opening of the new supercomputer 'raijin' at the ANU

the supercomputer
 is squared and black
with neon openings

her warm dark body
 shades the room
we move in and out of her

step inside and she is hot
 steaming like the tropics
cyclones droning all around

her flesh of mesh
 and flickers of data entice us
to slide open her drawers

green diodes blink
 like dispassionate thoughts
in a lover's eyes

as cool water pumps
 between her hot circuits
mollifying her temper

you see
the lucid and banal can coexist
even in this

she digests the weather reports
 over and over
like a grandfather

if you ask
 you might find out
whole countries in her

we attend the fire
but her brain it seems
 is not meat for us

 in the furnace of the future
she might consume
 all the furniture 

Monday, July 15, 2013

old goat

chewing poemry like a cow
that old goat
might make a nice juice
on the plate herself, you say

a incidental hierarchy
from the lowest amoeba
up to the highest poetaster

we only eat the lower orders
out of respect

but my ethical dilemma is this:

when you mince those words
savoured fresh from the lip
is that the only quip
that saves you from the roasting fire?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

an australian yarn

miss Gillard
traffic'd in intellect
was deposed by the
great imposter Rudd!

the dichotomy being
Rudd is Gillard undress'd
& re-adorned in plebeian
largesse with crankypants

meanwhile Abboat throw spoon
at both - an oaf! lick
youR Master's shoe
and behove or shove ooff-

in minisculia is multitudia
as sao is AUSTRALIA
hello? you wake up now?
country is run by remote cow

emergency measure
now we must endure
to ensure no more
arrive, be sure

probably *maybe

i believe..

i believe that i know

here listen to past times
men o woman o wisdom
say to me
"long ago long ago
past time
we did see
a great sun
shining clearly
over the sea

"and it fell
into the sea
like an egg yolk
from a celestial chicken
and boiled all the
ocean there
the flotsam came
later and washed

"and great past
times past times
before that
i heard a dream
piped from afar
ay, it blew.."

/*cutout static remote
control changed channel
nuclear test fallout
bespattered plutonium
there hydrostatic discharge
microwaves soh-nic boom!*/

"..we the old ones
knew before there
was knowledge there
after is always such
knowing. believe.
the facies where the head
meets the feet
is where all is meet..

"boiled away brains
become one
with time and
fastfood asking questions
subsides into deep
throb of deep time
where we sleep
and wait

/*microphone click off .ssklik
expanding cytoplasm ina
cut glass prism obsidian
scalpel metred obsession
the g'nome of reason
fast explodium*/

thank we for the present, the riches are all in our hands
&here today