Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Poem written on opening of the new supercomputer 'raijin' at the ANU

the supercomputer
 is squared and black
with neon openings

her warm dark body
 shades the room
we move in and out of her

step inside and she is hot
 steaming like the tropics
cyclones droning all around

her flesh of mesh
 and flickers of data entice us
to slide open her drawers

green diodes blink
 like dispassionate thoughts
in a lover's eyes

as cool water pumps
 between her hot circuits
mollifying her temper

you see
the lucid and banal can coexist
even in this

she digests the weather reports
 over and over
like a grandfather

if you ask
 you might find out
whole countries in her

we attend the fire
but her brain it seems
 is not meat for us

 in the furnace of the future
she might consume
 all the furniture