Wednesday, September 26, 2012

in embers

an iron green envy
seizes the inside of me

but it is only
a butterfly passing by

like a cat licking milk
i lick the mirror separating us

cold suddenly warm
but i am drinking my own blood

wet tears sprinkle down
from dissolving dreams

the paper devouring words
like a flood over a vagina

i release myself
to the growing tide of clarity

and experience the divorce
of fantasy from reality

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


i await news of you
in my igloo
tie my intestines in knots
poke flies in my eyes
vomit convulsively
as if there is nothing else to do

when you write
i hold each letter in my hand
for an hour before i read it
and collapse afterwards
exhausted by the drunk punch
of your mind

later my own words come out
disordered like shrapnel
from the explosion of
my lust
sealed with spit
i thrust them down the letterbox's gob

youth bemusement

the rain sprinkles calmly on a wet wet land
your eyes are mirrors in the midday sun
my body a beach stroked by the tides' hand
the sun is crying on an idiot's corpse at one
the moon is fallen shattered from an empty page
spilling black pitch from its porcelain cage
                                                             igniting my rage


what are you afraid of?
i used to be afraid of monsters
but i'm not anymore
now i'm not afraid of anything

Dad look at the river down there
we're really high
we're on a bridge
there's the river again!
why don't they have lights in tunnels?

are we getting off here?