Thursday, September 15, 2011

what i want

1. get out of this downward spiral funk
2. go to India, grow a beard
3. hear from my friends… email, message, anything... good or bad.. no one writes
4. touch the abstract, be mad
5. travel, be lonely, drink alone in bars
6. feel human skin taste human breath
7. break out.. get found under a bridge.. an authentic modern martyr
8. stop caring about consequences so much
9. find a bag of jewels, throw it away again
10. get found out and be all through the papers
11. continue the conversation.. speaking is medicine for anything
12. make magic. cast a spell on someone and have them cast a spell back
13. find out where the hurt is, mend it
14. to die, to die, just to feel it, just to know it

Monday, September 12, 2011

vacuum balloon

i took the vacuum balloon
up high
to catch the end
of a piece of string

which shipped me into space
golgotha pimpernel
unembalmed mistress
bithqueen albermarle

parlour tricks
play old maid with me!
these hands
are my grandparent's hands
and theirs were theirs
passing along
the set of keys
that now i give to you

Sunday, September 11, 2011


laughter comes easy
like water flowing over rocks
on a summers day

that sound
half splash half
melifluous movement

i imagine your hand
in mine - years ago
an exchanged smile but

memory cannot recreate
the laughter in your eyes
and the deep waters there

like a boat out on a lake
i am excursioning on reflection
alone with the winds

the rocky shore will capture me
again in its arms
tilting the boat

so that i awake as i fall
like a mouse disturbed
from the shell of my body

nasty insects

nisty insincts
intir mi skin
clawl into plices in
devour me from inside

ill ligaments
ingredients for creepy
crawly games inside n
makin indigestion outa me

i am one
open banquet
for microflora
a biobes luncheon

your words infest
spaces in me
like insects in cheese

when i am all rotten
the higher genera
will come to the party
and grow a tree on me