Monday, August 17, 2015

little pill
a dream opens -
capital 'A' blasted on my mind

and upside down - an ox head
is turned in the sky
venus retrogrades into the calling void

far away a cup
and saucer
fly into my eye

a piece of maggot wriggling
down the maginot line
drawn slowly on a thread across the tumbling fields

now stones spike the ground
at carnac - and down tor
the evil internet drinking up our brain

fast story - a glisten moment
plastic underwear
goat harvest arguent arduino

rodeohead pyramid song
the 4 -3 3- 4 the sphynx
the modest bismuth noticed by oliver sacks

i like to think like bruce lacey
the technique is to not trust logic
logic is a fool's tool

unchain the plane and linear track
and join the life game effortlessly like joining a dance
or threading a needle

the chance that you might hit the spot
is higher if you follow
the nodding clock-faced hero -wat?

i can see an image
it is under everything today
something to do with - ah, impossible to say

the green giant awakening
a blue death screen on some future computer
the sparks of an accident

the voices of hundreds - thousands
a light - a light
the thread of eyes linked end to end

the glowing daisy chain
of jellyfish stingers
going back to the burgess shale

on this path
on this track our boots have walked
the fittest did not always survive

if you want to out-maneuver your history
you have to listen very carefully
to the piper's call - ∀ (for all)