Monday, November 3, 2014

lemuria (fragments)

place beads
the god wakes
our supra rational deity.
what makes her fat?
is it fantasy?
let εἰκών flow with milk

noo noo noo
moo moo moo

iguana milk mother
open the door
to zirconia
stars inside, so many stars..

a reamble pulse
sort of bean
gag her hundred times
times hundred

foogoo gigoplax
nigod dogod godog

yess yes this mind
has become


the dark chords and tendons
that prop up my corpid form
leave hollow
the body of an instrument
the shell to sound the wind
a pulse flickering
like the pilot light
on an interstellar beacon
ducking on wave mountains
dripping in flecked foam


got a shuffle on.
got a shuffle on.
like argonauts
being labelled.

microidia fabulous
of genomes and
present day cityscalps

embolism microbe
moist unweathered
fast fracula.

the true cubit macro
calculated to cut into
a metronome node
tuned into classic radio

instant argillaceous gravels
nematodes and flatworms
the horns of a ram
entombed into stone: a trident

the last latex Renault
hung like Foucault
got to go..
.. into a tar-pit