Tuesday, November 27, 2012

past present presumings loaming

across a snowy plain a pony |
post chase fish waste caste | annoyance dance
haste washed face | incense | fish paste

bang! diner -
open a can of spic and span
presume you are annoyed at me
i wish all the people in the world would like me

but not even all the people in the world like chocolate
so what hope have i got

we leave a swish of scum washed up
pasted on the tidal flat beside embryos
eggs weeds, sea life, false promises

i would like your mouth
's insides, salty and samey, the fish
saying hello


swoosh open like a rockpool scourged of foam
teeth knocking about, little shells and fish
ointments of the ocean, Neptune's necklace

after the nuclear embargo, we claw back into
erotic environments, cooling pools, flames
blue incisions in the sky - face baked rockets

this is the end of 'i'


past pirates
make out
in the desert

forkword floats
on an ocean
of bile

placed carefully
an iota

please fish out
the wet ones

we are all the same

we are all inane
& insane