Wednesday, October 5, 2011

last time

last time i was here
you tickled me under the chin
with a feather you said it was
the most perfect pleasure
as it was the closest
to feeling nothing at all

now i am numb
but the pain comes in waves
like i am bathing in pure silver
and you are a ghost

there your heart is
ephemeral, mine
placenta like
thrown away or fed to birds
the going is the coming undoing
the gateway to love hangs open
on a rusty hinge

they say you went away
to pot plants to save your pennies
an experiment with time
that went horribly wrong
now all i hear is the news of your face
bleating the same anthem as yesterday
a voice crying to be ignored
mid the songs of war and death

an argument of mine
came to visit
i made tea
we were friends for an hour
then we went our separate ways