Thursday, August 18, 2011

inarticulate biome

i liken it to a misguided missile
landing unfortunately
in a party of french picnickers
right down between the rhubarb dip
and the cheese slice
it stuck upright in the ground like a vorpal baguette
against its huge cylindrical steel form
clung a slice of pastrami
and the women all stood up screaming
and the men all left their game of boules
and ran over to take a look

it was slowly tilting over
towards the sleeping dog
like it would suddenly topple and squash him amid dreams
but then halted in an obtuse position
and wobbled a bit, as a breeze took a tree limb
and shook it at the edge of the field
deep inside the bomb a slight ticking noise
was heard, but it might have been the expanding steel
and anyway no-one wanted to break up lunch
so the men resumed their game
and the ladies all resumed composure and
sat again to slice the veal terrine