Wednesday, November 30, 2016

f**k you donald drumpf (song)

fuck you donald drumpf
fuck you donald drumpf
you're the joker card not the trump
you're the vandal broke the handle off the pump

you took a dump on the presidency
 and made the whole world really scary

fuck you FBI, man
fuck you CNN
fuck you Cable TV
fuck you fake book

nobody likes a hater so better to hire a hater
to do your hating for ya

fuck you Pauline Hanson
fuck you Julian Assange
fuck you Brietbart troll network
fuck you neo nazis

if I put a gun to your head and said
"I'll shoot you if you vote for you"
What would you do?

fuck you Hillary Clinton
fuck you for not winning
fuck you Jill Stein
fuck you broken hacked election system

there's a short circuit in democracy
taking us back to the 4th Century BC

that's the direction we're going anyway