Wednesday, October 5, 2011


we all get to taste the tempest
it sometimes comes
a the end of the meal
sometimes at the beginning
or occasionally with salad

it starts as a tingle on the lips
spicy, sour, that is just the sauce
the meat comes with a full bite
wash it down with a nice ale

the second bite has a stench
of rotting flesh or carrion
and goblets of offal in heavy dough
succulent creamy fat glaze
suits a gewurztraminer

next suck on the bones of your mother
or gnaw the teeth of a pet dog
tounge kiss your dead sister
and gobble down the goulies of your father
with a Tuscan rosé

now pierce the skin just below the belly button
insert a fork and spoon
and just loop it up for a quick entrail desert
it is the tradition in this country
to finish with the shiraz