Tuesday, January 24, 2017

peace be thine

The languid eyelashes of the fourth poet
flicker piling shovels of herbal muse into the concrete
truck mixing and revolting – sluicing it back out
into allegoric lines

staged onto the page

intuitions like stones

resting fathoms apart

in immortal gravity

people come and whisper –“is it
a plan? Will it be washed on the inside?”
scooping inside for a little white marble attempting not
to pop the slick rubber bands of fool’s desire

a gaze falls on the leather page
protesters move about in twos and threes
gashed hands across the back delicious and nutty
like a frozen lysosome

some will be martyrs, and we will remember them
some will slip into the undergrowth and sleep
amid the twigs and heather, the only comfort being
the gentle hands of long evolved forms

if to die is the pure path, then die we must
but here on earth there is a destiny too -
the ensured calming of the beasts
into the deep pool we call clarity of mind

Thursday, January 12, 2017

How lovely (song)

How lovely
you seem
to me
Sweet Fairy
in the tumbleweed

How lovely
you seem to be
Sweet Fairy
i met in my dreams

if we meet
i will be
you would want
 me to be

and you will be
i imagine
you to be

here we be
here we be
here we be

you would be
what i want you to be

i would be
you imagine me to be

no, no time for us
to meet
in reality

you would be
too painfully real
for me

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This Poem is Why Trump Won!!

Expressing concern about the rise of racism is Why Trump Won!!

Supporting people with disabilities is Why Trump Won!!

Believing in a future where all cultures live together in peace is Why Trump Won!!

Being kind and generous is Why Trump Won!!

Showing compassion to Syrian refugees is Why Trump Won!!!

Taking the time to understand the science is Why Trump Won!

Your humility and dignity is Why Trump Won!!!

You living your life and eating avocado is Why Trump Won!

This society's enduring tolerance of the unknown is Why Trump Won!!!

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Haunting of Woo

like some old paediatric nurse
 hanging a newborn baby up high
to spank his bum -

like the Earth moving under the feet
 of the commuters
realigning the mountain chains -

Woo came to me
shook me off the path
 and got me.

the deep dark haunting
 of imitable bliss
sits in soft robes over tan skin

chewing the unavoidable
 iron-firm nutrition
of the Great Realisation

maybe now that you are here
pausing at the edge
 it means -
Woo will come to get you, too.

Friday, December 30, 2016

A nice warm cup of tea

just a nice warm cup of tea
could you make it for me?
i'm asking nicely

a nice warm cup of tea
and a biscuit
it's not like i ask for it very regularly
just a cup of tea
would go down nicely

i'm not feeling very sexy
but if it came from you
a cup of tea
would do it for me
it's not like i'm asking for it constantly

a nice warm cup of tea
won't you hear my plea?
would you brew it for me
just occasionally

a nice warm cup of tea
and not too sugary
if i asked politely..
a cup of tea..?

Saturday, December 10, 2016

just one thing to say (song)

It's one thing to say
another thing to do

You say you're sorry
well I'm sorry too

One thing to like
another thing to try it

Its good to be skeptical
but who could deny it
You can look out the window
you don't have to buy it
and four years is a long time
to try and survive it
but the truth is right there
and you're not even wise to it


The man in the golden tower
wants to destroy those of the ivory tower

and everything seems to comes down
to the raw pursuit of power

The only piece that doesn't fit 
is one blue shoe

and the bible you left
in the portable loo


He says he'll take good care
of your things while you're away

leave it with him
while you go out and play

Well my advice is to not believe
whatever it is he'll say

Cause he will sell everything
on the very first day

and the price that he'll fetch
is not very fair
and it's not cool to comment
on the style of his hair
but the sun king is ruling
like a carnival bear
and if lies are in fashion
you're wearing see through underwear


She said I'm leaving
He said well I'm coming too

He said my life
is nothing without you


Before you cross the road daddy
take my little hand

Cause i may be young
but not too young to understand

that life is what happens
when you're in a big rock band

But truth is not always
The guy with the gun
He said the conspiracy
starts with the Sun
If you listen very closely
the webs are being spun
into the belivers
the delivery surely is done


All of your wishes
are blowing around

O all of your wishes
moaning and dying

I'd sooner vote for him
than be lying here crying

and into all our ointments
this fly is aflying


She said I
I love you

He said I think we're going
to have to see this whole thing through


an earlier version i recorded:

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

f**k you donald drumpf (song)

fuck you donald drumpf
fuck you donald drumpf
you're the joker card not the trump
you're the vandal broke the handle off the pump

you took a dump on the presidency
 and made the whole world really scary

fuck you FBI, man
fuck you CNN
fuck you Cable TV
fuck you fake book

nobody likes a hater so better to hire a hater
to do your hating for ya

fuck you Pauline Hanson
fuck you Julian Assange
fuck you Brietbart troll network
fuck you neo nazis

if I put a gun to your head and said
"I'll shoot you if you vote for you"
What would you do?

fuck you Hillary Clinton
fuck you for not winning
fuck you Jill Stein
fuck you broken hacked election system

there's a short circuit in democracy
taking us back to the 4th Century BC

that's the direction we're going anyway