Saturday, May 18, 2019

share the love

share the love around
if you have some love to share
if you have no love
then here's some of mine to share

now sink your teeth in deeply
till the blood comes out
till your gums are bleeding
till the world burns out

burning fast and spinning
like a dying clothes dryer
share the love it's fleeting
and the world is getting dryer

the poems are getting wetter
the lives are getting shorter
the poems are certainly better
their lives are certainly shorter

i bought a little piece of the world
it cost a lot of money
but it's an investment
i'll sell it and get more money

banal i know & i love it
here's some more to share
and here's some more of my love
i really like to share it

they say there is a deficit
of love to go around
but it's not so, not at all
my love is all over these burning grounds

cut your teeth baby
my love is hot as rock
don't turn away,
my love is gonna rock
my love is gonna rock

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