Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a whiff of geist

2028 eclipse happens to open a wormhole to
our antient selves, looking back beyond apophic destruction
(self inflicted or otherwise) to taste
the day again, when the sun was fresh
and time was spinning before us carelessly

we cast our eye upon the sentient world
still crawling, fidgeting, like ants across a pancake
and hold our gaze there - burning into the earth
pounding down upon the blundering beasts
with fury and precision and dreadful cause

a father's hand on his child's peaceful flesh
understands vengeance is a curse bestowed genetically
strengthening the bonds that condition us to survive
our beautiful society - verb words loosen truth
happiness dilutes bliss, knowing undoes pure childish wisdom

if we forget our ancestry, these events can seem meaningless
like a random casting of the dice, cutting off heads
splintering glass buildings, plundering floods and lahars
but this is just the rocking of the cradle that bore us here
the angry voice of the father against the railing child -

the father that we are destined to become